Massage Therapy

There are many styles of massage used to address different issues.  Caitlin tailors each session to what the client is presenting with a variety of techniques.  Postural education and exercises are also employed.  Massage is useful for decreasing cortisol levels, unwinding chronic holding patterns from overuse and poor posture, recovering from injuries or surgery and counteracting all of the sitting many of our 9-5 jobs impose on us.  Pressure varies from relaxing circulatory improving strokes to deeper tissue work for pesky problems. Please read the  About page for more information on techniques used.

1 hr $85

90 minutes $125

Nutritional Counseling

Food is so many people's enemy and best friend at the same time.  Our relationship with food is complex, and it is easy to throw in the towel at all the confusing, often contradictory advice out there on health.  After a thorough health history evaluation, Caitlin will help you put together some of your own puzzle pieces and work with you to improve your eating habits, thus improving all other aspects of health.  Being healthy isn't just about eating healthy.  All healthy habits cycle in tune with each other.  Exercise, mindfulness, positivity, and making great food choices influence one another.  

Caitlin's approach begins in the gut, where over two-thirds of our immune system reside.  Without a healthy gut, nutrients aren't absorbed properly, digestion goes awry, and systemic chronic problems are born.  Brain fog, headaches, skin problems, hormonal imbalances, recurring infections are just a few examples.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, though.  Caitlin herself battled debilitating eczema and allergies through most of her life, and is an inspiring example that food and paying attention to the body's cries for help can be a game-changer in the trajectory of one's happiness in their own skin.  

Single sessions $85/hr*

2 person sessions $140*

Groups of 3 or more, please contact for pricing.

Packages of 10 sessions, receive 10% off.

*Please note that depending on what your goals are, one nutritional session to address a specific problem is likely to not be beneficial to you.  To really aid in your path to wellness, multiple sessions over a period of 2-6 months are strongly encouraged.  However, if you are curious as to a specific nutritional theory and are just interested in information gathering without being ready to fully apply it to your own needs, one or two sessions may be helpful.